"What's in a name? That which we call a RoSE by any other name would smell as sweet..."

RoSE Project

RoSE Testbed

One of the RoSE objectives is the development of a testbed for the experimentation of IPVT-based services. The implementation of the general architecture depicted in figure 1 of the general description section has been implemented in our project in the way showed in the below figure 4.

RoSE architecture
Figure 4: Realization of RoSE testbed

In particular, respect to the RoSE diagram on the Ubuntu Laptop of the previous picture has been installed the:

In order to simulate the generic behavior of a network we used a Linux Bridge, that introduces some typical errors and problems of a real network:
Two clients with different hardware are been connected to the RoSE server on two different channels, one by a classic Ethernet cable (iMedia desktop) and the other by a wireless connection (mobile handheld). On both of this clients are been installed the remaining RoSE elements In the next image you can see the real implementation of the testbed just described.
RoSE testbed
Fig. 5: Actual system in operation

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